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Request for Applications: Payment Gateways: Global Practices and Regulatory Implications for Colombia

by Communications Team, October 31, 2017

Applications due by 5 PM (EST), December 5th, 2017


The purpose of this request for applications (RFA) is to support Colombia’s Regulatory Projection and Financial Regulatory Studies Unit (URF) in the generation of knowledge and information on the different models and regulatory treatment of payments gateways.
The expected result is twofold:

  • A published study on global practices on payment gateways, with an emphasis on the different business models and approaches to their regulatory treatment.
  • A published study on the market and regulatory implications of payments gateways for Colombia.

Review and apply!


Applications should be submitted to the Better Than Cash Alliance Secretariat by email no later than 5PM (Eastern Standard Time) on December 5th, 2017.


Applications and any consultation about this RFA should be submitted via email to; copying in (cc) Please include in the subject line of the email: Regulation of Payment gateways: Global Practices and Implications for Colombia


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