Government Toolkit: Overview


Tips on how to use BTCA toolkits to get what you need, fast Context and

BTCA toolkits aim to provide a practical, modular source of advice to readers, so that:

  • first time readers with limited background on the subject can navigate smoothly through the entire toolkit in stages if they wish; while
  • return readers or those with particular questions or interests can quickly and easily get to the sections relevant to them.

However, there are a variety of particular uses you may have in mind so an initial decision tree will enable you to form your own path to relevant material. And you can always get back to the index using the button at the bottom of every page.

This toolkit aims to help you first, understand the bigger picture of digitizing (context and awareness), then prioritize where you can start in your organization (readiness and engagement) and finally, work through to a recommended option in each of the payment types.

However, the toolkit is not an implementation manual: to get to implementation, you will need to take additional steps (such as develop a detailed plan) which are specific to your situation.