What It Means To Be a Member

Members of The Better Than Cash Alliance are part of a global partnership of governments, companies and international organizations committed to accelerating their transition from cash to digital payments.

Sharing a vision of building economies with less cash means members are willing to share their experiences with each other to make progress on the shift to digital payments.

Based at the United Nations, the Alliance Secretariat supports members by providing information about digitizing payments, including a wide range of research products and toolkits on how to make the shift away from cash. Alliance members benefit from the knowledge, sound practices and lessons learned from each other through ongoing collaborative processes fostered by the Alliance.

The Better Than Cash Alliance is a G20 Implementing Partner for the Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion and works closely with the World Bank, the World Economic Forum and the United Nations system. The experiences and achievements of members in digitizing payments are showcased at high level international fora with these partners, as well as in global, regional and national media, the Better Than Cash Alliance newsletter, website, case studies and peer exchanges.

Our member services include the following:

  • Learning from Better Than Cash Alliance research with members and leaders in digitization as well as training-focused toolkits, available on our website: www.betterthancash.org.
  • Exploring practical solutions through the Digital Payments Knowledge Exchange, members exchange and examine what has worked and why, or why not.
  • Convening Inclusive Digital Payments Ecosystems that bring together key private and public sector actors in a member country to identify barriers and pathways to transition from cash to digital payments. This transition will not happen by the efforts of one single actor, but instead requires an “ecosystem approach” that recognizes the interconnected nature of the digital payments system. The Alliance organizes these conferences in collaboration with member governments, with full participation of other industry and international stakeholders.

Additional member services for governments include the following:

  • Orientation for The Better Than Cash Alliance which brings together key leaders in government agencies working to digitize their payments to learn about the various tools we offer and assess the steps needed to achieve their objectives. The path from cash to digital payments is best achieved with involvement from all related government agencies. The orientation events facilitate agencies’ alignment in understanding the benefits and challenges of digitizing and provide opportunities to take a cooperative approach during the transition.
  • Acceleration Services: For a limited number of member countries where there is a strong commitment to creating an inclusive digital payments ecosystem, significant opportunities to reach scale within the country, and where lessons learned along the pathway to digital payments would be valuable to other Alliance members, we can tailor services specifically for the needs of the country. These may include:
    • A Better Than Cash Diagnostic documenting the volume of digitization in comparison to cash-based payments in an economy, as well as existing policies, regulations and infrastructure.
    • A Digitization Roadmap and Action Plan outlining how relevant government agencies will work to digitize payments and done in partnership with the government.
    • An In-Country Coordinator who will work for one year to mobilize government agencies and other stakeholders in support of the development of a digital payments ecosystem.