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Introducing the Alliance Learning Series!

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A compilation of lessons from our initiatives with members

Which incentives do women merchants value the most to move away from cash? How can country diagnostic studies be best used as a tool to drive responsible digitization amongst our member nations? Does financial inclusion follow naturally in government’s social protection payment programs?

In our work with members, we have implemented initiatives that accelerate a responsible shift to digital payments that aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals. The Better Than Cash Alliance Learning Series is a compilation of our emerging lessons from our initiatives – both the ones that were successful and the ones that didn’t go as planned.

Our learning strategy focuses on enhancing skills and knowledge of Alliance members, Secretariat team and industry stakeholders. The Alliance Learning Series is developed to promote a culture of active sharing of learnings with members and other key stakeholders.

Our team brainstormed on 9 themes to capture learnings and experiences related to technical areas, frontier issues, stakeholder alignment, project management, communications, advocacy, and other related issues.

We hope our experiences prove helpful for all those who are on the same journey of accelerating the adoption of responsible digital payments.