Our Secretariat Team provides strategic and technical advice and guidance to Alliance members in their journey to transition from cash to digital payments.

This includes producing action-oriented research and fostering peer learning on responsible practices. Working closely with members, the Secretariat Team also advocates for the digitization of payments at national, regional and global levels.

We are hosted by the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), with offices in New York, Bogotà, Dakar, Dhaka, Kigali, London, Manila and New Delhi.

Our Secretariat also works with international technical experts and senior advisors on digital payments. These experts provide technical assistance in designing and implementing policies to support the responsible digitization of payments by governments, companies and international organizations.

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  • Ruth ff69380583e495ac17a91c27f83a19e5c5b39c87e7d94362bb68c99ad835956b

    Ruth Goodwin-Groen

    Managing Director

  • Tidhar bio4 375af9d6f909bf51ea72398cd6f21d35485b5c9d3611ddd1268ef02ba5921fe8

    Tidhar Wald

    Deputy Managing Director

  • Keyzom 0cdb2c3ab206c5ce84cc6269e321cf40b25010e883f56efe809c5720ad13f5a4

    Keyzom Ngodup Massally

    Asia-Pacific Lead

  • Isvary 1e10687e7c502137b1d24a6f206e95b8513fc619d48832d02363c484c3897d1f

    Isvary Sivalingam

    Southeast Asia Lead

  • Oswell lp photo 82bc288db20fc4f2e426a210906fb4afe6af54048badcefa51af3da2208e3f69

    Oswell Kahonde

    Anglophone Africa Lead

  • Jean pascal 305cc634b3884b5f2df245288d0e906d5bb5974fafeef47076a121e6204f94e0

    Jean Pascal Mvondo

    Francophone Africa Lead

  • Gisela b8662dac94abc7674ee5831d43ed1e9c809b1dcd8ca2dcf9e6cc460e69e1b6b9

    Gisela Davico

    Latin America and the Caribbean Lead

  • Camilo tellez 86da9acb2bf5d94975efe99de02b8a67c9e035900aa1839b1f09ed496e17e84a

    Camilo Tellez-Merchan

    Head of Digital Payments

    Resource and Innovation Hub

  • Marjo dad34c18a4cf62b46007b5c8500cc760efba1fb4c5306dcd68db9f89c82f5c38

    Marjolaine Chaintreau

    Private Sector Digital Innovation Lead

  • Angela 514e6694f10426134481cb9e0dbc5b698803d42b0e1929418f376470f4faaf71

    Angela Corbalán

    Head of Communications

  • Amela adbce044b348b91a3353fe7b28add1356ad8a7dff91abed533703741d6e0b322

    Amela Cosovic-Medic

    Head of Finance & Operations