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Our work on agriculture

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Climate change vulnerability affects agriculture globally, with smallholder farmers and food security at risk.

145 million unbanked people in emerging countries, including 65 million women, received cash for the sales of their agricultural goods in 2021.

Collaborating with governments and businesses, the Better Than Cash Alliance Secretariat aims to establish a thriving digital ecosystem that benefits everyone. With a focus on digitizing supply chain payments, the Alliance aims to enhance financial inclusion, particularly for women, by fostering strong partnerships between the public and private sectors.

Specific initiatives include partnering with industry associations and governments to scale digital payments in agriculture, with a focus on cocoa farmers in Ghana and Indonesia, as well as tea sectors in Rwanda and Malawi. The Alliance Secretariat is also working on responsible digitization in the coffee value chains in Ethiopia and Guatemala, prioritizing women and addressing climate resilience.

Our two pager on agriculture dives deeper into how we advocate for responsible payments to transform rural communities, building a more inclusive and sustainable future for farmers globally.


  • Scaling digital financial inclusion through developing rural digital payments ecosystems