USAID ePayments Toolkit

A Toolkit for USAID Implementing Partners and Development Organizations


A Toolkit for USAID Implementing Partners and Development Organizations

Relief and development organizations regularly make high volumes of small payments for programs and operations. There is an opportunity to expand financial inclusion and generate benefits for people living at the base of the pyramid by shifting from cash payments to electronic payments. Given the extensive range of potential benefits from using e-payments, donors are strongly promoting the transition away from cash. USAID is a leading supporter of this transition as a founding member of the Better Than Cash Alliance (BTCA) which promotes greater use of e-payments by governments, the private sector, and and development organizations.

This Toolkit is designed to support these efforts and was created by the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Global Development Lab and NetHope’s Payment Innovations Project to assist relief and development organizations in making the journey from using cash payments to e-payments wherever possible. USAID, with FHI360, has also produced a Digital Financial Services for Development Handbook as a comprehensive resource for Agency personnel to support the growth of both e-payment systems and the broader sector.

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