Driving sales through digital working capital loans for small merchants

Unilever partnered with Mastercard and Kenya Commercial Bank to develop a digital working capital platform helping small merchants grow sale in Kenya, called Jaza Duka.

Jaza Duka (“fill up your store”) is a digital working capital platform helping to reduce the cash challenges of merchants and distributors, providing working capital to small merchants to grow their sales. Credit is based on merchants’ history of purchases from Unilever.

The program was launched in August 2017, and is currently being rolled out, aiming to provide 20,000 kiosks in Kenya with a digitally managed credit solution in 2018. Participating merchants can further build their businesses through financial and merchandizing trainings and a provision to allow merchants to accept digital payments from their customers through Masterpass QR. The program is designed for replication across countries and to include other Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG) companies.