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Watch: Making Digital Payments Safe for All

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At today’s webinar, experts from Paytm in India, Tigo in Tanzania and the Banking Superintendency from Peru revealed key insights on how to responsibly navigate the transition from cash to digital payments in emerging economies.

Organized by the Better Than Cash Alliance, the webinar brought to life our recently published Responsible Digital Payments Guidelines, featuring eight good practices for those making or facilitating payments as well as for those regulating or overseeing them.

Making Digital Payments Safe For All Webinar


Mr. Madhur Deora, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Paytm, India

“The customer already knows these eight guidelines; we don’t need to tell them! Customers understand that this is a company they can trust if they see these things happening. They already expect these things. If you want to build a sustainable business, these are necessary investments, it is not money wasted.”

Mr. Ruan Swanepoel, Head of Mobile Financial Services at Tigo, Tanzania

“In making digital payments safer, industry collaboration is essential to reduce friction and to accelerate network effects that can help mobile money achieve both its social and commercial potential.”

Mr. Elías Vargas, Head of Operational Risk Supervision at Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and Private Pension Funds of Peru (SBS)

“As a regulator, we established an electronic money regulatory framework to strike a balance between innovation and risk management. It also encouraged a level-playing field by allowing the participation of traditional financial institutions as well as new firms specializing in issuing e-money. One important outcome was that consumers have greater choice of services and providers.”

Ms. Ros Grady Principal, Financial Inclusion, Regulatory Design, Australia

“Risks are especially acute for the financially excluded and underserved and those with low levels of technological capability. Addressing these risks is good for consumers – and for industry!”

Read the Guidelines in English, French or Spanish.

The Guidelines are the result of several years of consultations between regulators, payment service providers, and makers and international development agencies about the nature and importance of responsible digital payments.


We welcome your ideas for potential case studies!

We will be writing up case studies to illustrate how the Guidelines have been put into practice so we want to hear from you about how you are using them and how they have made a difference in managing risk.

Please send your nominations for consideration! Please include your organization’s name, contact person and email address, and a sentence or two on why the case would be relevant for others.

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