Toward a Cash-Lite Ghana: Building an Inclusive Digital Payments Ecosystem

Resource published May 18, 2020

The Government of Ghana is seeking to harness the benefits of a shift from cash to digital payments by developing a national inclusive digital payments ecosystem where everyone can make – and receive – payments digitally.

This commitment to migrate the bulk of Ghana’s payments into digital streams has been articulated in several public forums, as well as in the National Payments Strategy, the commitment made by joining the Better Than Cash Alliance, and in the new National Financial Inclusion and Development Strategy, and Digital Financial Services Policy.

To actualize the government’s vision as well as to facilitate and fast-track the shift to digital payments, a Digital Payments Roadmap has been drawn up by the Ministry of Finance with support from the Better Than Cash Alliance. It is based on the above documents, results and recommendations from the Ghana Diagnostic Study, as well as several workshops and stakeholder meetings.

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