Country Diagnostic: Bangladesh

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Country Diagnostic: Bangladesh


The Way Forward for Digitizing Payments

This Diagnostic Report shows Bangladesh is making significant strides toward a digital economy, and outlines specific policy measures that can underpin further digitization of payments into the future.

Led by initiatives from the Bangladesh government and supported by private sector innovations, the country has seen impressive growth in mobile financial services in particular, and a rising appetite for digital payments more generally.

However, this Diagnostic Study also shows that Bangladesh is just commencing its journey toward a fully inclusive digital payments ecosystem, and that significant barriers remain.

To overcome these barriers and support further progress, this report recommends as top priorities the completion of Bangladesh’s National ID system, as well as reforms to improve regulation and make it easier for all forms of digital payments to move across channels and platforms. Putting in place these measures can play a powerful role in driving financial inclusion, economic growth, and cost savings for Bangladesh’s government, businesses, and individuals at a time of rapid, positive change across the country.