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Going Cashless: An Opportunity to Accelerate Progress on the 2030 SDGs

Harvard Center for International Development (CID) hosts Better Than Cash Alliance on the CID Speaker Series Podcast.

How can today’s digital revolution help us reach the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) more quickly? Tidhar Wald, Head of Government Relations and Public Policy, Better Than Cash Alliance, United Nations, explains how countries can begin to move away from cash. For the nearly two billion people excluded from the formal financial sector, the digitization of payments can open the door to a range of affordable financial services to help them save safely, seize economic opportunities and reduce their vulnerability.

At the CID’s Speaker Series podcast, Jason Keene, Masters in Public Administration and International Development student at the Harvard Kennedy School, interviews Tidhar Wald, who provides further insight on how this vision of digitization can only be realized if it is carried out responsibly and responsively to people’s needs.